Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Half People

When we ignore the gifts of our humanity
They become a great burden.
Imagine it, but don't try too hard,
Because you live it everyday:
A world of people afraid
To listen to their own voices
And to go where their hearts push them.

I've made a lot of decisions
In my time:
But when I decided with my head,
And not with my heart,
I've always ended up a half-person
Half-alive, half-guided,
With half of the joy that power promises.

Half-people are half-protected;
Some powers circle us in the world
Like sharks, waiting for bloody injuries.
A half-person is half-injured,
Half-bloody, half-awake
And pursued day and night
By their failure to themselves.

Wholeness is easy,
And wholeness is very hard,
Because it offers itself constantly
But expects us to offer back.
To offer oneself takes courage
And courage is born in faith
Faith in what?

That we are not alone;
That our lives are sacred;
And that the world will show us the way.

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